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  • Lymphatic Drainage Cupping  - cupping, using a very light suction, over the entire body geared to facilitate lymphatic drainage. This is done using moving (or gliding) cups rather than stationary cups (when cupping marks are most likely to be left). The difference between lymphatic drainage and lymphatic drainage cupping is the use of cups. This modality is beneficial for relieving swelling in the body (from surgery or injury). Starting at $75/60 minutes (approximately 80 minute total session time).
  • Facial Cupping - a session of cupping just for the face. Great for those who suffer from headaches of all kinds (stress, tension, migraines) or anyone who is dealing with sinus issues. Facial cupping also provides a great mini-face lift. This service can be added on to the end of any other massage session or done completely by itself. Starting at $45/30
  • Swedish Massage - a relaxing, feel good experience that works out small knots in the muscles for quicker healing. Can be specified areas or cover the full body. Starting at $65/60 minutes.
  • Therapeutic Massage  - therapeutic massage is custom tailored to a specific injury or ailment utilising deeper pressure and/or tools. Based upon client needs and desires, the therapist may use Gua Sha tools (iastm tools - instrument assisted soft tissue massage), cupping, and/or Bamboo Fusion to help move fascia and muscle in order to increase range of motion and blood flow, and to decrease pain. Mild soreness is not uncommon for 1-4 days following a session. Please be sure to hydrate properly! Starting at $75/60 minutes.
  • Hot Stone Massage - stones formed and smoothed from Basalt rock are heated and placed on select locations on the skin to help loosen tight muscle. The therapist will use the rocks mixed with hand pressure to massage. Starting at $85/60 minutes (approximately 80 minute total session time).
  • Aromatherapy Massage - Swedish or customized massage performed using natural healing oils dependent on personal circumstance. Oils may also be misted using one of our beautiful diffusers. Starting at $75/60 minutes.
  • Fascial Movement Taping with Rock Tape - Addon - also known as kinesiology taping, this is an add-on service that is priced based on taping needs. Originally seen in the athletic world, FMT is extremely helpful for anyone dealing with or recovering from an injury (such as rotator cuff injury, carpal tunnel, etc.) or dealing with something like plantar fasciitis. Starting at $20/20 minutes.
  • Sugar Foot Scrub - Addon - perfect for those who are on their feet a lot during the day and for those with calluses or rough/hard skin on the feet. Starting at $20/15 minutes. 
  • Facial Massage - Addon - perfect for those suffering from frequent headaches/migraines or sinus problems. Starting at $15/10 minutes.
  • Evening Appointments - Specialty Request - our therapist does have additional availability that cannot be booked or viewed online such as extended evening or weekend appointments. Appointment requests are determined on case by case basis. Please call if you need to schedule an appointment time outside of what is available online. These extended service hours are at the sole discretion of the therapist. No additional cost.
  • Chair Massage Events - Specialty Request - our therapist can come to your location whether business or other special event. The therapist will provide short duration seated chair massages for your employees or event guests. Starting at $120 per hour with two hour minimum purchase. Please call to book this service. Additional travel expenses may apply.



$ 55 per month
  • Monthly Membership Deal includes one 60 minute Swedish massage per month, and 40% off on any additional regular priced service or 20% off any product. Add $10 per visit to make it 75 min. 
  • Addons and time extensions must be scheduled in advance. 

  •  12 Month Commitment

with Deep Tissue

$ 65 per month


$ 500
  • Includes ten 60 minute Swedish massage sessions. Must be used within 12 months.
  • Addons and time extensions must be scheduled in advance.
  • Avg $50/Session

with Deep Tissue

$ 550


$ 650
  • Includes ten 75 minute Swedish massage sessions. Must be used within 12 months.
  • Addons and time extensions must be scheduled in advance.
  • Avg $65/Session

with Deep Tissue

$ 700

**Membership and Package Addon Rates** 
$10 to add deeper pressure to any Swedish session
$20 to add Lymphatic Cupping/Hot Stone Therapy
$15 to add 20 minute foot scrub or facial massage
$10 to add deep blue muscle therapy treatment 

**This business is located in a private residence. See full notice below...**

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NOTICE!  A Celtic Touch Massage Therapy is a family owned and operated business. We currently operate out of a private residence with a dedicated, comfortable room in which we perform legal, ethical, and professional massage services only. Customers will be properly draped/covered at all times minus the specific area being worked on. A few warnings; there are stairs to navigate, well trained dogs on site, chickens with a protective albeit sometimes noisy rooster, and video surveillance around the exterior of the property. However, despite the countryesque feel, rest assured that once inside our quiet therapy room you will be relaxed and your stress will melt away. In short, we hope you feel secure and at home in our home as we help relieve the pressures of life and pain as best we can.

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Phone: +1 (540) 300 2626